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SCOR Supply Chain model

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The Supply-Chain Operations Reference-model (SCOR) is a process reference model that has been developed and endorsed by the Supply-Chain Council as the cross-industry standard diagnostic tool for supply-chain management. SCOR enables

users to address, improve, and communicate supply-chain management practices within and between all interested parties.

Process reference models integrate the well-known concepts of business process reengineering, benchmarking, and process measurement into a cross-functional framework.

Sons'India has expertise in applying SCOR for projects ranging from specific pain-point exercises to supply-chain wide initiatives incorporating both vendors and customers. Our consultants can

analyse your business using this model and make recommendations that will lead to significant savings.

SCOR spans all customer interactions, from order entry through paid invoice, all physical material transactions, from the supplier’s supplier to the customer’s customer, including field service logistics, and all market interactions, from the understanding of aggregate demand to the fulfillment of each order.

With SCOR, enterprises can:

  • Easily configure the internal and external supply chain; illustrate current supply-chain configuration and map ideal supply-chain process
  • Evaluate and communicate more effectively internally across functions, and externally with suppliers and distributors, via a common language and process definitions
  • Evaluate their own supply-chain processes and compare their performance with that of companies within and outside their industry segment
  • Use benchmark and best practice data to prioritise their activities, quantify the potential benefits of specific process improvements, and determine financial justifications
  • Map available software products to the standard supply-chain processes to weigh product fit objectively against specific need; and work with vendors to identify needed product features
  • Measure ongoing process improvements and easily reconfigure and fine-tune efforts as needed.

In addition to the full range of standard diagnostic tools, the latest release of the model, SCOR 9.0, includes expanded risk management capabilities and new features to aid environmental sustainability.

SCOR 9.0 enables a company to systematically identify, assess, and quantify potential supply chain disruptions to control exposure to risk or reduce its negative impact on supply chain performance. Risk calculation metrics cover all levels of the supply chain.

A range of features from GreenSCOR are incorporated in this new release, enabling enterprises to implement environmentally sustainable supply chain processes.

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